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So I got this problem... I have a DLink router managing my network and I installed a Cisco router as an access point (without DHCP).
The problem: When I turn on my mac and Im in DLink's range there's no problem. Then I go to the first floor and enter to Cisco's range, there's no problem I still got internet.. But when I return to DLink's range after being in Cisco's range for a while I cannot surf on the web.. I do have internet but websites like facebook, twitter, google are not available. I can watch videos and download torrents (at a very slow speed, also google chrome says: establishing secure connection and it gets stucked). If I return again to Cisco's range I got internet again.
I got this problem with my iphone and my mac (mountain lion 10.8.5). I have another mac (leopard 10.5.8) and it works perfect on both router's range.

Even though I restart my laptop or iphone I still get the problem... but if I keep my laptop off for more than 8 hours the problem's gone until I go to Cisco's range again!

Sometimes I gotta restart (not reset) the main router Dlink to get rid of this problem, but this is not a solution.

I hope you can help me, sorry for my english but feel free to ask me if I didn't express myself very well. Thanks!

Hello Max,

Thank you for your question. In order to to answer you need to provide me with more information. Such as the settings on the Access Point. Channels used, are they using the same SSID, Connection type, how the router connected to the Cisco AP. Could you draw a diagram of your connection? Have you tried just the Dlink device to verify that's not disconnecting without the AP. You need to give me more information so I can try to help you here. The more data we get the
better the answer is going to be.

Thanks for your help

Best Regards,

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