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Hi, I have internet service through our local cable company and have a wireless router connected to the cable modem. I want to use a laptop in my garage at the rear of the property. I can connect, limited signal, but the location where I must put the laptop is not feasible. The connection is also very slow. The cable company will relocate the modem for a fee. Is there a less expensive way, booster/receiver, that I can connect to the laptop to solve speed and signal issues? That way my location in the garage is immaterial. I did some research on-line but am unsure of what to buy or do. Hope you can help. Thanks, Dan

The only way relocating the modem helps is that it will allow you to move the router. Its the router that is at issue. There are repeaters that you can place within range of the router that will boost and rebroadcast the signal to extend the range. Each router manufacturer will have one and I would recommend getting the same brand as the router if possible.

But, depending on what router you have, you may be able to get a newer router with a greater range.

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