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Good Evening, I'm looking for an experienced experts' opinion on the best proxy solution. I'm looking for a manly, robust, useful proxy not something that just changes TCP/ip settings and filters content. Doesn't matter what OS it runs on but it must do the following;

-Automatically resend requests on TCP/ip or udp connection resets.
-Automatically cache frequently accessed images like facebook logo, 9gag advertisements/next/previous/etc
-Allow multiple clients on a LAN to use the proxy and serve these resources inline with standard http requests

That's pretty much it. I'm essentially looking for something to bridge the gap between content i see/browse/download frequently and new content. Browsing speed improvements otherwise are optional. Security is not an issue.

Thank you muchly for your time.

Hi Damien,

Honestly, your question has me wondering about what your real use case is.  You start off with asking for the best Proxy Solution.  But ... you aren't interested in security?  I'm wondering if what you are possibly more interested in some kind of Web Cache than a Proxy (or even a caching proxy).

Most people who are really interested in a Proxy server are doing it for some kind of security reason, or to mask/hide something about their real client.  An example of the latter might be "use a proxy to trick the server into thinking that their client is a USA device when they actually live in a country where they couldn't otherwise run Pandora".

BUT ... you go into a bunch of detail from a FUNCTIONAL standpoint that basically tells me, "hey I really want a good Web cache".  Which is different from "I want the best Proxy".

So if I'm "picking up what you are putting down", it sounds like you really are maybe interested in a cache.  It's unusual, unless this is for good-sized work network.  Please take a look at these links and see if this isn't more of what you really want:

I hope this helps!  Please feel free for follow-ups if you like.


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