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I had a vrus on my desk top computer so I reformatted it and reinstalled xp using my windows xp disc with service pack 2. This was all fine but I can no longer connect to the internet. If I go to networks, I see that it say no local connection. When I click on to open the internet, it just say 'cannot connect to the internet'. I phoned my broadband provider and they check it and said that the internet is running to the house and it must be a problem with my pc. This I know is true because my laptop which runs off wireless is working fine. The lady I spoke to told me to press a few things and this is the info she found, I don't knw if this is any help : Physical address 00-89-CF-6D-39-41   IP ADDRESS: and subnet mask:
Also, since I have restarted my computer, I cannot alter the screen resolution from less 800x600 pixels or the colour quality from low (8 bit) I don't know if this has anything to do with it? I would be very grateful of any help whatsoever. Thanks

Hey Adele...
I know how it feels when we try to set something straight and in turn few others go hay wire :) In your case its not a big issue and I think both of us can solve it easily.

1. If you remember what you pressed to get "IP ADDRESS: and subnet mask:".. you check if you check "Get IP from DHCP" so that you can get the IP address from broadband provider, since this IP is default given by windows and provider will not recognize it.

2. Go to control panel and look for Device Manager. From there find out the Video Controller. And from your laptop download the driver of this video controller and install on PC. Seems that the driver is missing. If you can get the Internet working on desktop you don;t need to download & transfer from your laptop.

Let me know if you get stuck somewhere.
hope this helps

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