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Interested to see your response to a question I had in class that I totally flopped on.  I really have no comprehension of what is being read or possibly some insight from your answer might help my debate.

Question was:

Your boss wants to know if a UTP cable wired as shown in the diagram below will work.

Prepare a memo to your boss commenting on his question.

  1 ----------- 3
  2 ----------- 6
  3 ----------- 1
  4 ----------- 7   
  5 ----------- 8
  6 ----------- 2
  7 ----------- 4
  8 ----------- 1   

Of course, no need to answer in memo format but would be interested in your comments and what they would be.


The question gives pinouts for connectors; one one each end of an unshielded twisted pair cable.  UTP is often used for phone lines.  Note that the 8-pin connectors are also used on Ethernet cables.  The pinouts show 8 pins which correspond to 4, 2-wire pairs.  Each pair is represented by a color: orange, blue, green and brown.  Each color appears as a stripe on a white background and as a solid color.  

This page on Wikipedia shows two tables.  They're also shown here:  They differ in their application.  One is for Ethernet, the other is for telephone.  For telephone, think of ring/tip as +/-.  (The reason why isn't relevant here).

Does this help?  

General Networking/Lan/Wan

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