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hi how r u?Do you know any about scripts? When i worked for that IT department.I didnt get much time to look closely at how they worked.Somebody else wrote them
I remember setting up the workstations.If i remember correctly when i setup the workstations they all had the same programs.Id log on to the workstations as administrator and join the doman.I noticed that when the pc rebooted and i logged onto the domain, the desktop would change .What i never thought to look at was if there were any new programs on the desktop.I do know that when you logged on the desktop did change and you would be on a h drive.When a script runs would it normally load new programs for a user.Im sure when the script ran it provide access to resources that were on the network probably like certain other drives and resources.And it probably establish rights and things like that.But i didnt look close enough at the destop to see if it changed with additional programs all i notcied was the wallpaper was different.

Each user who logs into a workstation has their own desktop. Under Win 7 this desktop is under the Users folder in the folder for the user name. When a user logs into a workstation governed by a network domain a script is run that maps any network shares among other things.

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