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Hi John,

Can you suggest a wifi booster that doesn't make a new network connection? I'm looking for one that boosts the existing signal. Half my house has wifi, the other doesn't. I've tried two d-link boosters but the don't work too well and I have to change connections very time I walk into another room.
I just a tried the dlink n300, but it too just adds a new network.

Hi Cory,

The dlink n300 is a repeater/extender. This means that it does exactly that, repeat the signal in another location. What you need is an antenna booster. Basically the problem are the antennas in your existing router. The router is either in a location that does not reach everywhere or if you can't move it or the house is just too big, you need to increase the signal. This can be achieved by changing the antenna (if possible on your router like if it unscrews)or plugging an antenna booster. But of course, the stronger it is, the more people around you can see it and it causes security issues as well. I included an article at the bottom for you to read and few links.

Here are a couple of ideas you can google to see local stores afterwards. I have never purchased from these vendors online so I cannot recommend them however it gives you an idea what to look for:

Articles to read:

You can also use power line adapters as a second option:

Hope this guides you in the right direction and answers your question. If you need more help simply post a follow up to this question.

Wishing you a great day!

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