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I have a home network with 2 laptops (1 XP, 1 Windows 7) connected to the Internet and each other with a wifi modem. Recently we had to get a new modem and now the laptops cannot see each other. When we take the laptops to another location (a different modem/connection) all is well again. So my question is what setting on the new modem is likely affecting the internal network?

First, lets get some terms straight. A modem is a device that connects to the Internet over a dial up phone line. A Broadband modem, is a device that connects to the Internet over a cable or DSL connection. A router is a device that takes the Internet connection provided by a modem and distributes it several computers in a LAN. A WiFi router is a device that can distribute the connection wirelessly.

Some Internet providers provide a device that combines the modem with a WiFi router. If your provider has done that, you need to contact them for support.

Without knowing how you have configure the router (DHCP, security etc.) its hard to advise. I would suggest contacting tech support for the manufacturer of the WiFi router.

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