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The way that I connect the internet on my Acer laptop is by tethering my iPhone. For some reason, very often it just doesn't show up on the laptop wifi list, sometimes it says 'limited access', and sometimes it shows up only after a very long time.
Do you have any suggestions?


Hi Nathan,

Like you I often use my mobile phone for an internet connection, but only when I'm away from home.  In my case, it's not a direct tether but via wireless so we call that a mobile hotspot.  I have to assume that when you say "tether" that you mean that your phone is directly connected to one of your USB ports?  If that isn't the case, please do clarify it, as that might change my suggestion.

Like you I sometimes have occasions where my my phone and laptop take a while to sync up.  And it just SUCKS.  I've been in IT professionally for over 20 years and sometimes the only thing that fixes certain issues is "reboot the damn PC".  I have definitely noticed that these issues increase markedly if I have suspended my laptop, vs just letting it run.  This is the case w/ my work laptop, which is "touchy".  My personal laptops don't have this issue at all, as they run XP not Win 7 and I built them from scratch, without any bloatware from the manufacturer, microsoft or my company.  

I wish I had a more elegant solution.  If you aren't doing a direct tether and using wireless to talk w/ your iphone please let me know as that changes a bit what I might suggest.

Good luck!


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