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Dear expert

I have D-link wireless router downstairs in the basement. Every time I try to receive wireless access upstairs with my laptop, my computer ask me to put the network security key. I don't know where can I find the security key. I tried to access my router's settings by typing in the browser, but I did not find the network security key. Please let me know where can I find this key or how to disable the security key in order for the laptop to receive internet from the router downstairs.

I can not move the router from its location because I have to keep the router connected to the desktop computer downstairs.

Every few days I have to press the reset button on the back of the router in order to prevent my laptop from asking me to put the network security key. Please let me know your alternatives.

Thank you

Hi Sam,

I'm changing the question to public so that others may also benefit.

Here's what is going on:
- Your wireless access point is configured to be "secure", rather than "open".  So it is using one of several different encryption protocols, which isn't important - but it also means that you need a PASSWORD to get access to it - which you only need to use the first time you connect and then it will remember it.

In your router this setting can be changed - provided that you have the ID/PW to get access to the router.  Here's what I suggest doing:
1. Connect your laptop DIRECTLY to the router using an Ethernet cable
2. Then use either or to connect to the router.

IF the default id/password on the router has not been changed then it is probably "admin" and "admin" - for ID and password.  If that doesn't work, try "admin" and "default" or "admin" and "password".  But I think it's probably just "admin" and "admin".

Once you get into the Router Interface, you can then look in the WIRELESS or the SECURITY settings.  And then you can find the security key and change it.  Or you can entirely turn off security and then it will be open.  If there are no nearby houses that is ok.  If you have neighbors who might use an open wireless network then give it a simple passcode.  The security key will have to be PROBABLY 8 characters - it certainly won't let you make it too few.  And on the screen it might tell you what it wants before you put one in.  Don't make it too complicated.  Anything that works should be fine for home use.

You can also go to and lookup the MANUAL for your specific model, for other info.

Good luck and I hope this helps!  Happy holidays!


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