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Dear expert

I have D-link wireless router downstairs in the basement. Every time I try to receive wireless access upstairs with my laptop, my computer ask me to put the network security key. I don't know where can I find the security key. I tried to access my router's settings by typing in the browser, but I did not find the network security key. Please let me know where can I find this key or how to disable the security key in order for the laptop to receive internet from the router downstairs.

I can not move the router from its location because I have to keep the router connected to the desktop computer downstairs.

Every few days I have to press the reset button on the back of the router in order to prevent my laptop from asking me to put the network security key. Please let me know your alternatives.

Thank you

The expected key *must* be stored in the router.  Each vendor (hardware/software) stores configuration information how they see fit.  I'd like to know why your laptop doesn't remember it and why re-booting the router helps.  Here are a couple of links I found related to the problem description:

The above addresses Windows 7 and Windows 8.  It's on a page about their "Surface" product but this is not important.  As is stated, you can often find default settings on the bottom of the router.

The above has links to many threads about the subject.

If this doesn't help can you post screenshots from the router admin interface?  (Delete passwords from the image in the unlikely event they're shown in plain text).

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