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QUESTION: Dear Ralph‎

Is it possible to design and develop Web applications where mobile users can view their inbox and outbox SMS Messages  ?.

As a example : A Website where mobile user first register their name, address, mobile number, mobile service provider etc. The Mobile phone user will able to to view his/her SMS - Inbox and Outbox messages on this website after successfully login.

As a example Mobile User forgets his Cellphone at some place and in case he wants to check his SMS Box on other PC, this could have been possible after getting connected to internet and view the SMS Messages.

Technically is it possible to design and develop web applications and also it is possible to integrate the same features in One's Gmail, Hotmail, Rediffmail, Yahoo email server applications ?.

Example : In One's Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc account, one can view SMS - Inbox and Outbox messages. That is the Email server applications provide these facility.

Is this System development feasible to design and develop ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: Hi Prasant, and thanks for your question.

Yes, it is possible to have a web interface to SMS.  Most wireless carriers offer this service to their customers; for example, Verizon's is at:

Further, some phone manufacturers offer a more integrated SMS experience.  For example, Motorola offers a service caller Motorola Connect, which operated through the combination of an installed phone app ( ) and a Chrome browser plug-in ( ).

If you are looking to develop your own such service, you will likely have to us the Motorola model.  That gives you access to the SMS through the phone, and can them be linked to a browser. Otherwise, you would probably need to work directly with the wireless carries, and since they already have their own solutions, you probably aren't going to get very far.

Good luck to you, and I hope this helps!


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear Ralph

Thank you.

Thanks for the Verizon Link.

My Requirement is I should be able to View/Read SMS Messages which were send by me i.e. Outbox and View/Read SMS Messages which were received by me from other people i.e. Inbox through a Web Application.

Is this possible ?. Because Verizon gives a Facility to send SMS from a Web Application.

As a example :

Prashant Akerkar sends SMS to Ralph Becker's Mobile Phone. Ralph Becker got the SMS on his Mobile Phone. i.e Ralph Becker's Inbox and for Prashant Akerkar's Mobile Phone this will be Outbox. Now Ralph Becker sends SMS to Prashant Akerkar's Mobile Phone. Prashant Akerkar recieves SMS which will be in his Inbox and for Ralph Becker this SMS will be in his Outbox.  

Now Prashant Akerkar and Ralph Becker wants to view their Inbox and Outbox
SMS MESSAGES in a Web application where they will login to the Web Site


Can GMAIL, YAHOO, HOTMAIL Email Server side applications give this facility to view SMS messages along with email messages who have created email accounts with them ?.

Is this possible ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Hi again Prashant,

I imagine that such as you describe is possible.  If you create a phone app and a browser add-in that communicate with each other, as in the Motorola Connect system I mentioned, then your scheme should likewise work.  Of course, there would be a delay, but it should work.

I also point you to a smartphone app called Tasker:

Tasker is a very powerful app that lets you detect conditions and take a resulting action.  For example, I use Tasker and have it detect when I arrive home (by noticing that I have come into range of the cell tower near my home), and them perform some actions (connect to my WiFi, enable the ringer volume, etc.).  I imagine that Tasker can detect when an SMS message has been received, and take the action of forwarding it to email.  This might accomplish what you need.

Also, I direct you to this web site:

IFTTT ("If This, Then That") is another powerful service that connects to a number of online services (including SMS) and, again, performs actions based on triggers.  I do not know if IFTTT is powerful enough to do as you require, but it may well be.  You will want to investigate.

Again, good luck with your project!


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