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when I download movie torrents from to my laptop and then play them on my sony wifi enabled flat screen TV (I will get you the model number of the TV if you need it) very often the playback repeatedly pauses throughout the movie. the movies plays fine on my laptop and not all movies suffer from this problem and i want to try to avoid this happining all the time. do you have any idea what could be the most likely causes to the issue or have a methodology to narrow down the cause

Hi Kevin,

I'm NOT an expert in this stuff.  My guess - and only a guess - is that there is a conflict between the resolution of the video and the capabilities of the tv.  Or ... the capabilities of your media player (or what it is set to), given the resolution of the movie file.

What I'm expecting is the movie file maybe is super high resolution and your tv and/or media player either:
- can't handle that or
- isn't set to the matching setting.  

Again ... video is totally NOT my area of expertise .... but I know a bit about trouble-shooting problems and that is what comes to mind.  Look for the "commonality" between the files that "have the issue".  I'm guessing that you will find they are all super high resolution ...

We are pretty boring at home - we just use netflix and hulu plus, and they work for our needs.  Nothing fancy.  I hope this helps but if not please don't bother rating me - video stuff has never been something I'm all that knowledgeable about.


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