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hi mk,
 i was planning on setting up a wireless network in my home for the first time but don't know where to start. i currently have a single ethernet port cable modem; if i want to connect an ethernet cable to my tv for streaming while wirelessly connecting a laptop, will a wireless router allow me to do that? i know they wirelessly connect systems but was unsure whether i could also connect directly to them via ethernet. also what kind of router should i look into buying? i'm looking for a super secure network, how would i go about doing that? i'm so confused with the a/b/g/n designations, wpa or wep? please help. thank you.

Hello Jack,

Thank you for your question. Your DSL Modem allows you to connect to a single device i.e. PC/Laptop. For this to work as a Wireless/Wired net work you need to purchase Router/Access
Point device that will enable Local Area Network and Wireless Network. One example you may select is Linksys/Cisco E4200 Wireless-N Router. For more information look here: This type of routers are robust, flexible,
secure and generally support most of home users needs.
Regarding your question about types of wireless networking classifications it's rather complex issue with many frequencies to know. I would say that what you need to know is this: The current WiFi technology is N type which delivered up to 135 or in some cases 150 MBSec speed over the air. It has two frequencies of 2.4/5 GHz and two channels of 20 and 40 MHz Bandwidth. If you need some more information about this subject please look at this site: The standard is defined by the IAAA 802.11 wireless LAN with the following standards 802.11 a/b/g/n and has different standards of broadcasting for more info see here:
Back to the question of connecting you TV to the router. If your model supports Ethernet (RJ45) you can connect directly to the router via Ethernet Cable 5e/6 like this one: Conversely, if the TV is only supporting WiFi (wireless connection) you will need to configure the TV to connect to your Router/Access Point and the instruction can be found on the owner's manual.
Few points to consider while connecting your WiFi; don't use the default settings out-of-box because everybody and theirs Mom knows about it. and it it make it really easy to guess. Use the wizard to configure the router. Don't ever use open Wireless it invite potential hackers and free users into your home without your permission. Use the highest encryption available to you by the vendors typically that would be WPA/WAP2 Personal or Enterprise. Use the tech support to install your device if it's getting too complicated - it's free. Stay away from the Wep protocol it's too old and it's cracked long time ago.
Some good site to help you with setting up E4200 look at this tutorial:
Keep in mind that the preferred speed for Internet streaming on your TV is at least 5 Mbps for downloading, 10 Mbps is better. If you have DSL service chances are you are not going to get it. You may experience delay or latency while watching Netflix Hulu and the likes.  

I hope that help you configuring your network


MK Computer consulting

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