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We have comcast as isp and our current speed is 15 mbps download and about 4 mbps upload speed. Currently we have trendnet 54 mbps router or we can say G router ...
Our devices are 2 laptops and 2 smart phones that are connected to this g router.
One laptop has realtek 802.11n wireless adapter while other has broadcom 802.11 b/g/draft N wireless adapter and two smartphones we have are lg optimus slider...( I dont know how to check their wirless adapters)....
so if we upgrade belkin dual channel N450 router ...will it help the speed dramatically provided comcast isp speed is only 15 mbps..and one of the laptop has draft n wireless adapter..

Upgrading your router to N will make a difference. How much of a difference will deped on what you do on your network.

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