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please i need your contribution,
i have a company that want to open a branch, the distance is 70km apart.
what are the best solution of networking deployment,
in the branch office do we need any server, or everybody should communicate directly to the main office,
the server am concerned about are : DC,SQL and Exchange.


Hi Semiu,

It is difficult to know what to recommend for you, without more information about the type of customer and what their needs are, but I can provide some "general thoughts".  Africa is very different in terms of what is available and how much it costs than most places.  Probably whatever decision is "best" will likely be heavily influenced by recurring monthly costs.

You'll need to investigate Private WAN, point to point, Internet and VPN options, to see what the costs are for how much bandwidth.  It is very important if you consider vpn that the SAME Internet provider is used on both sides to avoid all sorts of network quality issues.  I have no idea how much bandwidth might be needed, since I don't know how many users will be at that site and how demanding their apps might be, etc.  Usually, a branch office so close to the main site would not have any servers of their own - except perhaps a print server and maybe a small file server.

If you provide a lot more details, then I may be able to make better recommendations but you'll still need to do a bit of work to figure out what connectivity options are available, with how much bandwidth, and for what cost.


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