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When i am forwarding port 80 on my ZTE ZXV10 W300v3,i am getting ERRROR FAIL TO UPDATE DUE TO --DUPLICATE PORT NUMBER.

Any help.


Hello Solay,
I'm afraid I can't help you with this issue. I can give you my best educated guest. Because this router is not sold in this country - nor did I ever came across it. It will be my best answer for this situation, however itís not complete one itís only an advice I can give for this situation.  My hunch is that you have another port used by another application and thus it will not allow assigning the same port to be forwarded. Hereís the guide for port forwarding to your router: this will take you step-by-step instructions how to forward the ports for the most common programs. Be aware that this error is caused by another program thatís currently running on your system. To check which port is open by a process download TCP View and run it from Microsoft site:  Next open Windows Task Manager by holding down the CTRL-ALT-DEL keys, once open select view menu and then check PID and click OK. In the Processes TAB you will see all the ports that are used in your system and the programs that are using them. You can disable that program by highlighting it and clicking the End Process button. You can alternately change the program preferences that will let you choose a different port that will not conflict with the intended port you are trying to open.
I hope you will solve this issue
MK Computer consulting

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