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QUESTION: hello,
     i have dlink DES-1228 switch. Is it manageable ? if yes, then which one will be the console port ? and how can i reach to its CLI mode ?

ANSWER: Hi Pankaj, and thanks for your question.

The DES-1228 is designed to be configured via a web interface, but it does has a CLI as well.  Here is a manual for the CLI:

You access the CLI by telneting to the box.

Also, according to this page:

the switch is manageable via SNMP.  This means there's no management port per se, but rather it is managed over the network.

Good luck, and I hope this helps,


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QUESTION: hello sir,
         i read that manual. they mentioned "telnet followed by ip address"  but sir i don't know what is the ip address of my switch. it is layer 2 switch , and ip address exist at layer 3. i am confused please help me out.

Hi again Pankaj,

See Page 17 of the same manual (first link).  It says:

The switch's factory default IP address is with a subnet mask of and
a default gateway of

That same page has instructions for how to use Telnet to access the switch.

I suggest you download and read through the whole manual, it should help you with all your configuration and management questions.

Good luck!


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