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Hi Sir,

The problem i am having is my Digicom adsl router "54Mbps Wireless G
ADSL 2/2+ Modem Router" used to work fine but now it gets auto reboot itself me without doing anything which is very annoying sometimes. I bought it from DirectBargains in 2010 so it is out of warranty now. Can you suggest me anything which can return it back to proper working state.

Kind Regards

Hi Alex,

I'd try the following, though there is no guarantee that it'll fix things.  If your hardware is having issues then nothing will fix it ...

1. Upgrade firmware.  Go to digicom's site and perhaps there is a more recent firmware for you to try that might be "more stable" than what you are running.

   If 1 above does not help (or a firmware isn't available at all), then proceed to 2.

2. Backup your settings and also write them down somewhere then proceed to 3

3. Reset router to factory defaults then reconfigure.  if this doesn't help ... it's probably a hardware issue and the unit is likely starting to fail and may eventually fail entirely.  Fortunately they aren't all that expensive to replace.  If you DO need (or want) to replace it - make sure you get a B/G/N model - not just a B/G model.  They are much faster and realliy about the same money. has lots of great choices with reviews.

Good luck and I hope this helps!


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