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I've got a home wireless network set up.  It's on a D-Link router (G type it's old) but it works fine for what we need.  We've got DSL coming into it, and an ethernet connection to a desktop.  And there are two laptops that use it to log on occasionally.
I notice that...sometimes...the computer's connection to the internet seems to be running real slow.  
I live in a neighborhood with other wireless networks (sometimes I can see them all listed when I log on with my laptop), and presumable others can see our network listed.
Is there some way I can tell if someone ELSE is logging onto our wireless network?  We do have a passwork set for it, and I think it's a pretty good one.  (A mixture of letters...upper and lower case...and numbers.)  But I just wondered if someone might be piggy-backing on our network at times.  
Is there any way I can check on that?

There are network monitoring programs that can capture the computer name of every computer logging in. I personally don't know any specific ones but a search on Network monitor apps should find some. The router may also have a log that you can check.

A couple of other things you can do is make your SSID private. So it doesn't appear on that list of neighborhood networks. Also you can set MAC filtering. Every computer has a unique MAC address and you can tell your router to only accept connections from listed MAC addresses.

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