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Hello there Scott McQueen

My name is Chris, my question is, I took a Cisco networking I & II, and I didn't do so will in the class, and on top they didn't have any tutored for that class, I would like to try it again, but I am having a very hard time, finding a tutored in my city or close by. so I was wondering whats a good way for a beginner like myself to learn Cisco networking, as a starting point ?

Thank you so much have a nice day goodbye.

Hi Chris,

Many thanks for your question.

Sorry to hear you didn't do so well in the test.

There are some good websites out there which provide
free Cisco CCNA tutorials.
They provide computer based training and example questions etc.

Try searching for 'cisco ccna cbt courses' through google etc.

If you still don't find what you're looking for let me know
and I can point you to more specific websites.

Good luck

Best Regards

Scott McQueen.  

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