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QUESTION: There is no server. my adsl modem has 4  ports is there any way to limit bandwidth on other ports without entring into adsl modem.
Is there any way of doing this by sniffing and then using some other software.

ANSWER: Hi Annus

Many thanks for your question.
There are quite a few ways of throttling Ethernet bandwidth
but by far the easiest way is to drop the NIC (Network Interface Card)
connection speed. As some ADSL modems don't allow much management,
it would be most beneficial to adjust the PC's themselves.

As I'm not sure what OS you are running I shall do with Win7.
From the "Network and Sharing center" select "change adapters settings".
Select the "Local Area Connection" and either right click then select properties or
just double click. Here you'll find the items the NIC uses.
We are interested in the NIC itself so select "Configure" just underneath
the "Connect using" box. This will take you into the hardware config
of the NIC itself. Now, we want to throttle back the connection speed.
Here's how: scroll down the properties list until you find "speed and duplex."
The value to the right will most likely say "Auto." However, we
can change that. If you are running 100mb Full duplex then you have options -
reduce the speed to 10mb. This will throttle by a factor of 10.
If you want to reduce further then select 10mb Half duplex.
If you want to throttle only slightly then keep the 100mb but
select Half duplex. This effectively halves the speed.

Have fun.

Best Regards

Scott McQueen.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I want to hack others bandwidth from my computer. Since there is no server on My Lan network. So is it possible to hack speed over lan.

Hi Annus,

Thanks for your follow up.

As you don't run a Switch or Router that can implement QoS
(Quality of Service allows bandwidth and other restrictions
and benefits) then bandwidth restriction really comes down to
restricting the individual hosts (not a great resolve as the
host can bump up the speed if they wish.) There maybe software
out there that could throttle like:
net Limiter, Bandwidth Controller, Shunra Nimbus, BWmeter
but I've heard they are not all that effective. however,
you could try them.

Best Regards,

Scott McQueen.  

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