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   Greetings! Hope things good at your end. Sir i have a question concerning routers. Could you assist me a little?

ANSWER: sure .... what is your question?


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QUESTION: Jeff! how things at your end?. Jeff i get online from internet cafe.
I have purchased Dell Desktop GX270 and i am willing to purchase Wifi Router.
Let me tell you something about my locality I live on 10th floor that is 150 feet above ground. I have approached two of internet service providers and they recommended Tendra Routers. Could you recommend me a model of Tendra routers in order to prevent any fraud since most of internet service providers plunders a customer charging higher amount and installing a cheap Wifi router thats good for nothing.
Can i provide you the website so you could tell me the appropriate router that accords with my locality height,stabled signals and better browsing experience???



ANSWER: It looks like it is "TENDA", not Tendra.  I have never heard of them before and they look pretty new - essentially a cheap Chinese brand.  I would stick with good solid brands that have been around a long time: netgear, linksys, tp-link, asus, etc.  I do not like dlink.

Here is a list of GOOD wireless routers, with lots of good reviews.  Make sure that you buy one that is B/G/N - and NOT only b/g.

Good luck!


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QUESTION: Sorry Jeff you are right its Tenda:)))
Jeff problem is pretty complicated . These brands are sold as B copy in my country.Literally people label it as imported but its same local chinese made. The current Dell i am using its fabricated and labelled as Made from USA and is sold at cheap prices.
You get what i am telling you Jeff?
There are two service providers Qubee and Wi tribe. Both are providing same routers of Tenda. Can you please help me Jeff ?
I really need your help

You can use whatever router you want to.  You don't have to buy one from your ISP.

Again if it were me I would buy the router that I want and use that.  I have no experience with Tenda but from what I've read they are just a cheap chinese made brand.  The reviews are less than very favorable.

Good luck!


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