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I want to put a wireless router(d-link dir-615) on my network at work and add wireless cameras
my network IP is and I can program the cameras to have an IP of
my question/problem is every time I try to set it up either I can see the network and not see the cameras or see the cameras and not see the network
am I using the wrong router?


Hi Mike,

Sounds like a routing or security/permissions problem.  Thing is that you added a router but you may have not actually setup the routing, given what else is there.  And I'm not sure what that is, since there aren't more details.  At this point I can only guess that perhaps you need a route setup on your normal LAN router - so that packets from the LAN know how to get to the wireless camera network.  But that's only a guess since there just isn't enough information here for me to really understand how things are setup.

fyi - I am not a fan of Dlink, but that isn't to say that you can't get this stuff working with it.  But I have been unimpressed with their products in the past and will never try them again.

Follow-up if you like!  Sorry that I can't be more helpful yet but really I just don't have much to go on.



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