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QUESTION: I have a Toshiba p105-s6147. It sees my network but it says unidentified network. My os is windows vista home edition. I've uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled them. I've tried updating them but it says I have the latest version. My phone is connected to it no issues. I have avast anti virus protection. I have the widows firewall off.

ANSWER: Hi Jamie,

Ok well this is just basic "troubleshooting 101".  

What we know?  Your wireless network "works", at least in some sense - because your phone likes it.
What don't we know?  Does your Toshiba Satellite notebook work with OTHER wireless networks????  

Ok.  So, let's test that out.  Take your Toshiba to a friends house, a starbucks, whatever - and see if you can connect on a wireless network outside your house.

If you CAN'T connect then it's your notebook.  Ok now what?  Easiest thing is to get a USB wireless adapter for like $10 and use that.  You can readily buy these at

If you CAN connect then it's probably your wireless router - you didn't state which one you are using but perhaps it's old?  Thing is a new router is probably at least $25-30, and they can run a lot more than that, etc.   So - Even IF your notebook DOES work outside your house ... it's STILL probably the easiest and lowest cost solution to "get a USB wireless adapter" for your notebook - instead of upgrading your router.

But ... if you decide that a router upgrade is advantageous, make sure you buy one that supports B/G/N and not only B/G.  N is much faster and has much greater range.  I like brands like linksys, netgear, asus.  Stay away from dlink - they make low quality stuff. has a great selection and customer reviews.

I hope this helps!


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: thankyou for answering my question. i can connect to an unsecured network and get internet access. so it connects to other networks no problems. i was thinking about buying one of those adapters and see if i can bypass it. what kind would you recommend?

Hi Jamie,

Please bear in mind that I don't own one.  But if I were to buy one, it would probably be a model from TP-Link, Edimax or Asus.  And I'd make sure to get one that supports B/G/N - not only B/G.  I'd also recommend spending $10-20 instead of trying to buy one for under $10.  

Here is my short list:  Please review and pick one that you like!

I hope this helps!


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