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Jeff wrote at 2013-05-06 01:21:46

>> WILLIAM.  Thanks for the info. In answer to your questions... I am 10 miles from the nearest DSLAM and fiber optic lines. The valley I live in is ringed by hills that block 98% of all land based wireless signals. A repeater station on one of the hills might work but there is no power so I would need an alternate power source. An antenna on my property would need to be at least 640 feet high to clear the hills.

Hmmmm ... how's your wife feel about relocation?  :-)   Are there any towers on any of the hills?  Maybe one of them has an Internet service connected to it?  If so .... perhaps they would allow you to setup a wireless relay?  Your best hope is if there is some high speed Internet going through an existing tower on that hill  - then connecting to it via high-powered wireless.

If nothing is on those hills ... that's a tough position and doesn't leave you with much except satellite or dial-up.  On the bright side ... I bet it's one heck of a nice view that you've got, with some good hunting/fishing, eh?

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