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I would like to build or buy a home router (<$100) that allows me to base priority on a mac address. I've used or examined the interface to quite a few routers but the best they seem to offer is qos for multimedia.  I'm considering building a smoothwall box, but I'm not sure it offers this capability. Any other suggestions are appreciated.  FWIW the streaming data I want to prioritize isn't multimedia. thks

Hi Al,

Probably, your best bet is to get a router and install either DD-WRT or Tomato.  Or ... better yet just buy a router that already has the 3rd party software on it.

Personally, I have always been pretty leery of installing these myself, since I don't wish to risk "bricking" my router, for stuff that honestly I don't NEED at home.  That being said ... my next router will be one that comes w/ the 3rd party firmware already installed - it's nice to be able to increase antennae power and such.

Here are some links to help you:

I'd first look at the details of dd-wrt - it seems widely regarded as the most powerful and has a lot of support, and a good community of users.  If what you want isn't supported by dd-wrt then I would be VERY surprised.

I hope this helps!


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