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this is pratibha. i am having a query about the  ip address. i am using a network and i have an ip address for this network. if i change the internet service provider and also my computer, will my ip address remain same or it will be different? please make it clear to me as i am very confused and this thing will be very useful for my job.please list me in what cases ip address remains same and when it differs?

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The number of existing IP addresses is finite. In fact, all the IP addresses under the v4 spec have been used. There are several regional groups that are assigned blocks of IPs. I think there are 4 worldwide regions. Each regional group, then assigns blocks of IPs to ISPs. These ISPs, in turn, assign an IP or blocks of IPs to their customers. In some rare cases, large corporations may purchase a block directly from a regional group.

In the older days of dialup, a computer dialing in was assigned an IP only for the session. The next time they dialed in they may get a different IP. However, with broadband connections, they are usually 24/7 so the IP may not change unless, you shut down the connection for several days and try to connect again. It depends on how your ISP handles the connection.

So, if you change ISPs, then the IP will change.

This is further complicated by the concept of public and private IPs. Within your network, you almost certainly use private IPs (usually in the 192.168 or 10.0 ranges). Such IPs are unique only within your network. Your broadband modem will have a public IP assigned by your ISP and your router will assign private IPs within your network.

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