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My Internet options are limited to dialup or satellite. I have an extra phone line so I was looking into using 2 dialup connections (Multilink Dialup). In researching this everyone says.. "Your ISP must support synchronization of multiple modems."  My ISP said they would support this if they knew what was required.  They had no more luck locating information on this than I did.

Hi William,

1. Sorry you are way out in the boonies.
2. You aren't going to like my answer - sorry about that!

Unfortunately, multilink dialup just sucks.  There is no nice way to say it.  Even if you were to put in 2 dial-up lines and configure all of that - it probably will NOT help you to achieve the desired result - to get 2X faster speeds.  Individual connections will only use ONE of those lines at a time, NOT both - they will NOT be load balanced across both of them.  So ... you wouldn't get the desired benefit of Line A + Line B = 2X speed.  You MIGHT get slight enhancements but ... nothing to get excited about.

Is it perhaps possible that one of the major mobile networks has 4G or 4G LTE where you are?  That stuff is pretty quick - a LOT faster than dial-up.  And is easily shared via routers, etc.

Is this for a home or business?  There might be other options to consider ... like leased lines.  If not one for you directly - perhaps a nearby business has a leased line and you might be able to leverage a piece of it ...

Please feel free for followups - thanks!


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