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QUESTION: I once worked at a company that had three standard phone lines to one ISP to get a decent internet connection.  So my question...if I add a second NIC to our server and run a second cable to the switch, will the system utilize both resulting in a faster server responses?  My server access goes over NIC1 and the server access of a different user goes over NIC2?

ANSWER: Hi Steve,

Well yes and no - you can't "just add a NIC".  You'd have to use "teaming".  I'm wondering ... what speed is NIC1?  I'm kinda thinking that maybe ... just maybe it's old and only 100 Ethernet and not Gigabit?  A gigabit connection is pretty darn quick,  

So ... what's going on here - would you care to provide more backstory?

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QUESTION: The NIC on the server is a gigabit.  We have Windows Server 2003R2 and 8 GB RAM.  The switch has 4 Gigabit ports and 24 100M ports. All the workstations are 100M.  I have watched the task manager on the server and the port utilization on the switch and the numbers are low most of the time.  We have Norton 360 on the workstations set to scan during idle time. We have periods of time when the system response is almost nothing. Dispatch says what originally took 2 minutes to input now takes 4-5 in some instances.

Hi Steve,

Well this sounds like a pretty small environment.  My gut is that the slow-down could have a lot more to do with Norton 360 using resources on the workstations than any possibility of congestion at the server - with 1 Gb!  Try turning Norton OFF - and see if suddenly things are much better!  If yes, then dump it.

IMO constantly running client anti-virus has become nearly useless.  I don't even USE anti-virus on any of my home PCs.  Once in a while I'll manually run malwarebytes and it comes up pretty clean.  Moreover, Norton used to be pretty good stuff but I'm not impressed w/ anything they have done in a long time.

What you need to do is figure out what is actually causing the "application performance slowdown".  Did something CHANGE at a particular point in time?  If so ... what was it?  This is your most likely culprit.  Do users have the ability to INSTALL anything at all?  If so ... go check out that dispatch PC ... hit control/alt/delete - is the processor or memory jammed up?  What program is doing so?

One other thought for you - "All the workstations are 100M" ... this may not actually be an issue, except for a handful of power users.  But any power users should have their own Gb connection, not 100M.

Please look into this a bit and let me know more info - this shouldn't be all that hard to figure out and likely isn't related at all to the Gb NIC on the server.



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