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QUESTION: Scott, It would not let me post a follow up.  I had to start a new question.  I tried turning off the firewall and anti-virus on a workstation and it still only loads partial webview.  The switch is a SRW224G4.  I found the console cable and can access that way.

So where do I start looking?

ANSWER: Hi Steve

Sorry to hear you had to start a new question.
I wonder what's up???

Anyway - to your problem -

An option to try is change the active x settings on the browser, with Internet explorer, go to the tools tab, then internet options, then security, select custom level tab.  Scroll down to the active x prompts and make sure they are enabled or on prompt is checked on the settings.  After that save the settings close the browser and reopen  the switches interface and see if the gui displays correctly.
Or you can try this: Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced Tab -> RESET

Best Regards

Scott McQueen.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I used the console to reset the switch to factory, then put the IP and gateway in again.  Now I can not get the webview through the wireless but I can if I wire the laptop directly to the switch.  I have not tried other wired workstations yet.
So, now that we have the webview, where do I look?

ANSWER: Hi Steve

Thanks for your reply.

Ok - just trying to remember the original question. :)

We'll need to check something first.
We need to ensure the bandwidth to the server is at maximum.
Auto-negotiation is a wonderful thing but sometimes switch
interface and PC NIC do not get on.
I would manually set the switch interface to the server at 1000MB.
This will eliminate any doubt. By fixing the server interface on
the switch the NIC on the Server will be forced to 1000MB.

Now, to analyze the traffic on the server interface.
I don't have a working knowledge of the interface on this
switch but I would suggest it's reasonably clear how to
launch a dynamic analysis of the traffic - (I may be wrong,
in which case I'll go get a .pdf manual for the switch)

Watch the the utilization on the interface.
I'd do this at differing times of day too.
You're looking for very high utilization AND packet drops.
If packets are being dropped they have to be resent and
then reorganized. This will slow things down dramatically.

Let me know what you find.

Best Regards,

Scott McQueen.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Port Utilization
Port Utilization  
QUESTION: Ok, something is still not right with the webview but I was able to change all the ports from auto to 100F or 1000F using the console.  As for the traffic, I captured a screenshot.  When I refreshed about a minute later, utilization was zero on all ports.  

In a different screen, I had to check each port individually...there were no packet drops reported for any port.

So how do I identify the source for this traffic?

Hi Steve.... that's 100m client side - 1000m server side.

The traffic seems very 'bursty' - that is to say
a torrent of traffic then zero and then repeat...???

This maybe due to excessive broadcasts...this we must check.
From the picture you sent I can see RMON stats as an option.
This should give us the info we want. Check the RMON stats
to the server. Look for Broadcast traffic...or perhaps labeled
FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF for layer 2 broadcasts or .255 in place of the
IP address range in layer 3 broadcasts.
If we are getting a substantial amount of BX traffic we
need to find out why. If the traffic is NOT broadcast traffic
then this may well be the nature of communication over
your network. That will take a deeper investigation.

Let's eliminate BX traffic for now.

Best Regards,

Scott McQueen.  

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