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QUESTION: Again it would not let me post a follow up.  This site must anticipate quick resolution.  Anyway, here is the RMON for the server port.  I did a factory reset last Friday after hours.  I assume these numbers are from then to now.

ANSWER: Hi Steve

Well, there's few broadcasts so that's good.
There's no drop events so that's very good.
There's a lot of general traffic. A lot.
This appears to be a very busy server.
The switch is handling the traffic so the latency issue
(I would say with reasonable confidence)
is probably the server itself.

What's the spec on the server?
I'm not an expert on the client/server relationship
but it may be the ratio.
Do you have specific times of day when demand for the
server is high? When do you notice the latency on the clients?
Let me know the above and we can push on.


Scott McQueen.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The server is a Dell PowerEdge 840 with 1.86GHz dual core CPU.  We maxed the RAM to 8GB.  
The OS is Windows Server 2003 R2 64-bit service pack 2.
The HD was 230GB mirrored.  When we maxed that, we added another 500GB mirrored.  We have a 2TB external USB as a destination for backup.
C: is the 230GB drive 100GB (80% free) and the other 130GB unallocated.
D: is the new 500GB (81% free).
F: is the 2TB USB drive (74% free)
When I watch the task manager on the server, system idle is almost always above 90.

ANSWER: Hi Steve can you let me know the client side.
Just one example. Sorry to get you to do all this work..:)


Scott McQueen.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: On the client side we have about 20 computers.  The program on the server has a 12 user limit.
Most stations only have 1GB RAM.  The biggest complainer has 2.8GHz dual core, 2GB RAM, 70GB HD around 70% free and XP Pro SP3.  The second biggest complainer has a newer WIN 7 machine.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the info.

Now, I'm no expert on Server/Client relations - for that
I would suggest you contact an Operating Systems expert
here at AllExperts. However, I can see that the processing
power of a couple of your Clients out-strip the Server's.
That is to say the Server probably isn't processing data
at the rate the clients can handle and this may manifest
itself as 'delay' to the user. Also:

I'm really rather certain now that the switch is handling
the traffic at an acceptable rate. However, the limit of 12
on the Server basically computes to:

Clients - 12 * 100mbps = 1.2gbps
Server - 1gbps

This could generate delay at peak times as the server backs up
traffic. However, the switch tells us no packets are being dropped
so no re-sends are occurring which would very much cause delays.

I would ask you to throw the Server/Client details at an
Expert on OS and see what they come up with.
They may say that it's fine but they may say the server
is unable to process the data in the database quick enough.
Sorry I can give a definitive answer on that side of things.

Best Regards

Scott McQueen.  

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