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QUESTION: The company I work for has a dedicated server, 28 port switch, and about 20 workstations.  The server to switch is 10/100/1000 nics and the switch to workstations are 10/100 nics.
We have a multi-user database progam that sometimes runs at acceptable speeds and often at very slow speeds.  
We have checked the task manager for other programs running on the server and workstations and the system idle time is high. How do you troubleshoot this type of issue?

ANSWER: Hi Steve,

Many thanks for your question.
Can you let me know the make of Switch you are using.
This will allow me to help you get some stats from the
switch and see where there may be contention.
As you've already analyzed the machines involved in the
transactions through the switch it may well be a 'network'
issue as opposed to client/server communications.

Best Regards,

Scott McQueen.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I am at home and can't remember the model number.  It is a Linksys/Cisco switch I believe made about the time the two merged.  It has 24 10/100 ports and 4 10/100/1000 ports.  When I try to login to the switch, it asks for the ID and password but will not properly load the menu.

ANSWER: Hi Steve,

Mmmm...this may stall us a bit.
First, we'll need to establish a connection to the switch
in order to analyze it...
Can you tell me - are you trying to log in to the switch
via a web interface or direct either IP or console?
Once I have this info we can try to troubleshoot.

Many thanks,

Scott McQueen.  

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I am logging in via a browser and IP address.  Everything appears to be working except the web interface.  The switch was purchased used and it allowed me to log in when I changed the IP at first install but stopped loading the web interface a few days later.  The switch has been in service for two or three years.

Hi Steve

We'll need to get this working I think.

Here's a link where others have had the same problem.

I'm not sure if your is Wireless but the gist of the problem is the
same I believe.

Hope this helps for now.


Scott McQueen.

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