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QUESTION: I have a 2Wire 2701HG-B DSL router and I was trying to hook up another router Dlink DI704P on my desk because I work on a lot of computers there. I read if you hook up the upstream wire to a numbered port it will be sistered and share with the main router devices, like my wifi printer.  I got that to all work and a couple days later my laptops don't network by wifi.  They connect to the main router, but no network access.  But my Ipads do work by wifi(not cellular).  After checking everything else I remove the sub router and everything works.

How does a wired sub router kill the network connection on SOME of my wifi devices? (after a couple days)

How can I hook up another router on my desk to get more plugs?  I also have a couple of Linksys 54g but I could not get them to link through.

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ANSWER: Hi Jeff,

Fine name your parents decided to give you!  :-)  My own parent's were equally wise and creative!

A couple of DAYS later things failed ... Hmmmmmmmm.  Sounds like the client's DHCP leases eventually started to expire, then they asked to renew but DHCP is a broadcast protocol and the Dlink might have answered first / conflicted - instead of the 2701HG-B.  That's my educated theory.

Instead of adding a router on your desk ... why not add a Switch?  I'm not following why you would add a router there at all, given the scenario that you outlined.

Anyway - without buying anything - you should be able to take that router, DISABLE DHCP, make sure it is configured as an ACCESS POINT - instead of a router - and then give that a shot.  I think it'll do what you want - and then you'll basically be using it as a switch.

I hope this helps!  Ask followups if you need.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for the prompt reply.  I have turned off DHCP and hooked it up as a sub router with the cable from the main router to the WAN and got one computer to network, but not the other wired computer.  There was no option labeled Router/Access-point.  Do I have to assign IPs since the DHCP is off?  Otherwise, I shall try the Linksys wrt54g next.  I use these because I have them, without spending more money.

Yes toss the dlink and try the linksys - they will have all the usual configuration options like Access Point instead of router.  Essentially you want to have a router that PRETENDS that it's just a switch and has pass-through wireless access point capability.  I haven't used dlink in years now but all my experiences with them were disappointing.  I'll never buy another one.  Generally linksys, netgear and others are good.

So DHCP needs to be off and it must be configured as an access point so that it knows that there is ANOTHER device out there that is responsible for all major network functions like dhcp, routing, etc.  If you dont want the second device to do anything at all OTHER than be a switch then also turn wireless off on it.

You won't need to assign IPs - the PCs plugged into the access point will get dhcp from the LAN - from the Real router.


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