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first of all thanks for posting valuable information regarding networking. my question is that in my office we have a broadband connection which is working fine but suddenly outlook express incoming & outgoing mails stops and again after some times its working fine but all the time there is a yellow triangle on the local area network icon at taskbar, when i try to ping the default gateway it replies with either RTO or destination host unreachable.please i need your help

Hi Sanjay,

Many thanks for your question and I appreciate your
comment and thanks too.

I'm not 100% with MS apps but the network problem
I can address. A 'request timed out' or unreachable
to your default gateway is 'terminal' i.e. you are not
getting out beyond your LAN. This is not too good.
If the default gateway is a machine on your LAN then
you'd need to check its state. I'd need a bit more info
from you regards your LAN configuration before I can
advise you fully. Can you let me know IP addressing
configuration and the devices on your LAN?
(if you do not wish to divulge this info I'd understand)
You'll need to ensure that the default gateway sits on the
LAN network in the same subnet. But, if it worked before
then there is possibly a problem with the default gateway

Also, I've found a MS forum that discusses the various
states in Outlook. This may help troubleshoot the app.


Best Regards,

Scott McQueen.  

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