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Hi Jeff!

Here's what I have. My main in use router is a D-Link DIR-615-C1 (DD-WRT) and I have this Keebox W150NR/A V1.0.  My PC is hardwired into the router I have no issues. It's my wife's PC that has issues!

Between the router and where her PC is maybe three sheet rock walls.  She has a 802.11n wireles USB adapter connected to her Win7 PC.  Best that connection gets is 78mbps.  I was hoping to get at least 100 or slightly over it.  She says her downloads are painfully slow.  They used to go rather quick before my old router died it was a d-link can't remember the model and had the matching wireless card it had some speed boost so it basically doubled the 54 to 108mpbs which she would get 104 out of it.  Not sure if I have a configuration problem.

Hope you can help me either make some configuration adjustments or use this little router the Keebox as a some kind of a repeater is that's possible.  I'd just like to see her go a bit faster then 78mbps.

FYI I am an IT guy so I'll be able to understand a lot of what you tell me.  I'm a mainframe operator, been such for 20+ years.  I'm just taking my COMPTIA A+ classes now since our mainframe at work is being phased out.  I need to keep my job and worthiness! =) I just wanted to set you a bit at ease so you know you're not working with an absolute novice! =)

I'll be waiting to hear from you! Thanks much!


Hi Dave,

Well first I'm not a fan of DLink.  IMO their stuff is pretty substandard, even if you are running DD-WRT on it.  Are you running QoS via DD-WRT?  If you, try turning that off entirely and see what happens - to make sure it's not your settings that are jacking things up.  You could also increase the output of the antennae via DD-WRT - but do this in small stages - you don't want to throw that way up there.  The DD-WRT forums will have good advice on this.  First thing I would do is go back to factory default settings on DD-WRT and run throughput tests, make one change at a time, then run tests again.  IT 101.

If all that fails (assuming you are running the latest firmware from DD-WRT, I'd really think about getting a really good N router like linksys, netgear, TP-Link, Asus, etc.  I recently changed from an N Asus to an N TP-Link - with 3 antennae and we now get good signal all the way down to the 1st floor bedroom - through a significant amount of old Victorian masonry.  It was the 1043 model from newegg for about $50.

>> She has a 802.11n wireles USB adapter connected to her Win7 PC.  Best that connection gets is 78mbps.  I was hoping to get at least 100 or slightly over it.

78 Mbps is PLENTY fast for LAN use.  It is certainly way faster than whatever your Internet connection is - so that is not your bottleneck - except if she is trying to transfer lots of large files across the LAN from one PC to another ... and why would she?

Again ... I expect that your router is the problem.  This time, please don't use 3rd party firmware unless you NEED TO.  Just because there is stuff out there like Tomato and DD-WRT doesn't mean you SHOULD use it.  As an IT guy the old KISS principle applies.  Also the "does it work?  If Yes then don't MESS with it".

I hope this helps!


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