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QUESTION: Hello  Jeff,
Greetings of the day.
Jeff, I need your advice?
My question may sound weird\stupid to you,
but 2 b honest? This question has given me many sleeps-less night?
Still itís going the same? So plz help me out?
Well, Coming to the point?
Sir, people are discouraging me for CCIE-VOICE for various reasons
Iím confused between CCIE-RnS & CCIE- SECUITY.
You must aware of saturation in CCIE-RnS  & I only have a time till april 2014 (with certification no)
So, What should I do?
Let me clarify? Iím fresher & I do not have an ample experience in core networking .
Iím a BA-Arts ĖGraduate by education.
So sir whats your opion\advice you would like to share.
If possible plz reply at the earliest?
Warm regards,
Amit mehra

ANSWER: Hi Amit,

Ok well it is difficult to really understand where you are and where you want to go.  I am not sure what you mean by "I only have a time till april 2014 with certification no".  Please be more clear.

All I know at this point is that you have a BA and are "a fresher" - whatever that is.  I'm kinda guessing that you are not particularly strong with technology .... but maybe you think that it's the way that you "should be making money"???

Look - in life you shouldn't go around chasing certifications.  When it comes to a career - ask yourself - WHAT are you INTERESTED in?  Good IT people are not just "well trained".  They are enthusiastic and passionate about their work.

WHAT are you passionate about?  Is it really IT?  If it is ... what ASPECT of IT?  I am sure that you are not cut out to be a security guy.  If you aren't a good programmer/hacker by now you are never going to be.  Figure out what you really WANT ... that is the key to things.  And over time what you want will change ... follow your passions and you will enjoy your work and make good money too.

If you wish to ask more questions - please do so.  Otherwise, good luck!


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: jeff thnx for the reply..?? but m still in a dilema..?? what to choose..? CCIE-RnS or SECURTIY


Please remove your subpar rating.  It is VERY unfair to punish me for you coming here and basically asking "what should my career path be" - and then you aren't happy with my asking you to consider what your interests and talents are - and going with that.

Most people who come here have pretty direct questions and need help about technical problems.  You, on the other hand, are considering a career in IT but don't seem to know what you actually want.  So you rate my answer a 5 - when you don't provide anything meaningful in terms of what your skills are, or interests are - and even state that you "don't have ample experience in core networking".  Sorry - but I do not deserve a poor rating from you.  So please just delete it and good luck figuring out what you really want.

Bottom line - If you want to be working with switches and routers and network design all day long - get your ccie-rns.  If you want to be working with firewalls, ids/ips, NAC all day long - get security.  Most security guys are also really good programmers or hackers.  Are you?  If not, then don't do security.  Frankly I think Security is super boring, so I wouldn't recommend that - but that is my view.  What you need is to get your feet wet doing some work.  No one wants to hire people who have certifications without experience.  This has been the case for a long time - at least 10 years.  We never hire people who only have certs without several years of real-world experience.  Book knowledge is no substitute for real job experience.  

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