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Always worked fine.  Now lost the connection on my secondary pc.  When trying to connect/repair etc, it will not show my newwork -gabirose4 , but 2 neighbors.. Than somehow I get the gabirose4 , than get a message that the TCP/ip not installed..  
I use Windows 7 on main pc, and XP on the one I lost connection - wireless connection.  Use Bitdefender as my firewall - checked there could not see anything...  

If you can help or guide, thank you,   Gabe

Hi Gabe,

You should also post this to some of the guys on the Windows expert forum to see if they have any specific ideas.

These types of things are really hard to diagnose remotely like this.  I SUSPECT ... but have no proof (yet) that there might be some malware that has jacked-up the 2ndary PC.  Try running malwarebytes on it - and all your PCs too.  It's a really good program and it's free.

If Malwarebytes won't allow itself to be installed then there is DEFINITELY something nasty on that machine, like a root kit virus.  Those can be a major PITA to get rid of.  So I hope that's not the case.  If it is, then you'd need to download root kit cleaners on your other PC, copy them over via USB to your XP box to try and clean it.

But ... it could also be somehow that something died like your network adapter or your network config got corrupted ...  

Unfortunately there are lots of things that can CAUSE issues.  And we currently have little information as to what is going on.  

After running malwarebytes - if that comes out ok.  Then I'd try "good old basic IT 101".  I'd:
- uninstall the network device on the XP box (right click on my computer - go to properties, hardware, device manager)
- In Device manager you'll look for "network adapters".
- Uninstall them
- reboot
- hopefully after a reboot, they'll be automatically found again, install, configure them - and then be working fine.  
- You MIGHT need to download fresh one's from the manufacturer of your PC (hp, ibm, lenovo, sony, etc)

A lot of times, it's easier to reinstall the part that doesn't work then try and figure out how to fix it - it's just how it goes.

Try this out and see how that goes.  FYI - I'll be kinda away for a few days so I'm not sure if I'll be able to help out more until Wed night.

I hope this helps!!!


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