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Always worked fine.  Now lost the connection on my secondary pc.  When trying to connect/repair etc, it will not show my newwork -gabirose4 , but 2 neighbors.. Than somehow I get the gabirose4 , than get a message that the TCP/ip not installed..  
I use Windows 7 on main pc, and XP on the one I lost connection - wireless connection.  Use Bitdefender as my firewall - checked there could not see anything...  

If you can help or guide, thank you,   Gabe

Hi Gabe, and thanks for your question.

First thing to try is disable BitDefender; it may be causing the problem.  If disabling it fixes the problem, try a different firewall or tweak the settings on BD.

Next, I'd suggest doing an reinstall of your wireless network adapter.  You don't say whether it's built in to the computer, an add-on card, or a USB adapter, but no matter.  

Go to the adapter's manufacturer's web site and download the latest drivers and software for your adapter, and copy these onto the computer using a burned CD or a USB drive.  Then go into Device Manager under Control Panel... System and do a complete uninstall of the adapter.  Then shut down the computer, and either physically remove the adapter (for a card or USD device) or disable it (in the BIOS menu at startup).  

Next, reboot windows and then reinstall the adapter as if it were a new device, using the drivers and software you downloaded earlier.  You may need to shut down the computer again to reinstall or reenable the adapter.  Then see if that helps - it often does if a setting or other necessary file gets lost or corrupted.

If it is still not working, the adapter may have failed.  USB wireless adapters are inexpensive - just make sure you get one with Windows XP drivers available.

Good luck, and I hope this helps,


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