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I want to make a CAT5  568-B Cable and I think I have everything down but I would like to ask before I get into it.

Step 1.
When I cut the CAT5 Cable I will find 4. pairs of wires.

And each wire will have a WHITE wite twisted around it with the same color Strip.

Then I will untwist all the wires and put them in this order from Left to Right

pin 1. white wire with orange strip
pin 2. orange wire
pin 3. white wire with green strip
pin 4. blue wire
pin 5. white wire with blue strip
pin 6. green wire
pin 7. white wire with brown strip
pin 8. brown wire

Do I have this right?

Hi Bob,

Usually I just buy my cables, which are VERY cheap in short lengths from places like ebay or  There was a day that I regularly made these things but it isn't worth the time since they are so easy to buy over the internet.  Stores charge way too much for these, as accessories get marked up quite  a bit .

If you wish to run a long length, it's really best to terminate the cable on both ends on little punch blocks - which can be seated into wall jacks or little boxes if you wish for a more clean or professional look.  A thin-bladed screwdriver can be used to push the wires into the appropriate places, which are color coded to prvent any issues.  Then you just use short patch cables on each side.

But ... if you REALLY want to make one yourself, and already have the crimp tool, then it's not tough but your colors were off for 568/B.  These links will help:

You have it correct that it's always white-color then color.  But it's orange, blue, green then brown - for 568/B.

I hope this helps!


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