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Jeff K wrote at 2013-08-14 07:22:17
Hi Rebecca,

My view is a bit different.  I prefer to buy laptops, except for my one gaming machine.  So unless you are really into gaming and need something that support high-end 3d graphics, I'd get a good off-lease Lenovo Thinkpad off eBay, like a T60 or T61.  True they are a bit heavy but they ARE portable, have built-in wireless and will last pretty much forever.  The ONLY thinkpad I ever had trouble with in 15 years was because I dropped it and broke the screen.  They have never ever failed me.  Why have a computer that you can't carry around the house and use on the couch?  :)

Generally you can get a really good one for about $150-225 - with a 15.4" Wide-screen, supporting really high resolution, at LEAST 2 Gb (3-4 is better) of memory, and a great big hard drive - like 320 GB or even larger.  And I prefer to run XP, so that it is super clean and uses very little memory when it is sitting there - whereas windows 7, etc uses a LOT of your memory while doing nothing at all.

I agree w/ Scott that I do not like Dells - not one bit.  I can't speak to HP though.

Your existing network will work fine with the laptop too - and then you can buy a wireless router for only $25-35 that will allow you to be anywhere in the house that you want - get one that supports b/g/n - not only b/g.  N is much faster and has greater range.

Good luck!

Jeff K (also expert here)

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