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I would like to combine two LANS in separate buildings to share files with a Network Attached Storage on one of  the LAN.  Iíll use ENGENIUS enh500 in ap/bridge configuration, to connect buildings.

My question is :  Each building/LAN has a dsl connection router with automatically assigns ip addresses to computers on network. I foresee a problem in assigning ip addreses across the entire combined network.

I would like to keep both DSL lines.  Suggestions?


Hi Dan,

What you wish to do is certainly do-able.  But typically you would ROUTE the two building together, not BRIDGE them - if you wish to maintain 2 separate Internet connections.  If you wished to Share 1 internet connection then Bridging is appropriate.  Think of Bridge as "link together 2 sites with the same network.  When you bridge when both buildings share a subnet - say (mask of  But there still is only ONE Gateway - the Internet router.  So if you bridge there is only 1 gateway for both.  And that isn't quite what you are looking for - since you wish to maintain 2 internet connections.

But If you connect the 2 buildings via a wireless ROUTER, then each building keeps it's own subnet and it's own gateway (internet connection).  Then you configure routing (I'd probably do a simple STATIC route) so that the routers know that the Path for the other building is the gateway of the corresponding router and NOT the default gateway.  Your current routers, if they are also wireless may support this.  They may not.  If your current routers are also wireless and dont support this out of the box, you COULD change their firmware to sometime like DD WRT or Tomato - they will support this stuff for sure.

There are a few ways to do it - depending on the Internet routers you have and what they support.  The simplest thing is that each internet router is told about the destination of the other subnet to be the other router.  You could also use a simple routing protocol like RIP or RIP2, to handle this.

So if you are doing the routing w/ wireless gear then you'll either need 2 of them - 1 for each side.  Or one of the existing wireless routers (if applicable) needs to be told about the route for the other network.  I'm not sure what other gear you have but there are a few ways to go about all this.  Some of it depends on what you have now and what that stuff supports.

I'm not sure what other gear you have and I could be wrong about that ENH500 but it doesn't look quite like the fit that you hope for.  But if you already have bought it, you could contact their tech support and see what they suggest.  And perhaps return it if it's not a good fit.  

I hope this helps!   Follow-up if you like.


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