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I have watched many youtube videos and read many articles and am not understanding what I am doing wrong. I have a DVR with 4 cameras coming off of it. The DVR is hooked to its own monitor for viewing as well as plugged directly into my modem/router with an ethernet plug. I would like to be able to view my cameras from my phone, as well as from other computers within my home. I am attaching pictures of the screen of my DVR that lists how things are set up and a snap shot of how I have input this in my phone (Where it tells me the address is wrong). When I type ipconfig into my command on my computer I am given a default gateway of, and ipv4 address of subnet mask of for the wireless LAN, under Ethernet adapter it says "Media Disconnected" However the Ethernet is what my DVR is plugged into. The address I entered on my phone is what I got when I looked up my external IP address. Any advice on what I am doing wrong or how I can access the cameras from my computer would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Stephanie...
Does your DVR understands ethernet? Please check if there any driver to be installed for it to be detected.
Where from you got 98.202.....IP address..that Ip is not reflected on DVR which means that your router/modem is not detecting your DVR.

Let me know.

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