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Hi Scottgem,

How are you? I am inquiring some instruction for home network setting.

Currently with AT&T U-Verse 2Wire as service provider. Going to replace my 10-year old desktop for an upgrade. So there are 2 parts of Q/A:

Part I - selection on desktop: currently has Window XP, is it all Window 8 now? I am looking for something general not too fancy. Had Dell and HP laptop before with some  issues. My desktop is eMachines (working great but outdated) not sure what's the best buy?

Part II - connection: My U-Verse with AT&T was set up by AT&T technician, it works fine. By saying that, I have never set up connection before myself, is it going to be hard with the new desktop? What's the steps of setting up home connection? Does it matter whether if it's Window 7 or Window 8?

Thank you in advance

Part I. I am partial to HPs. I've had several with very good results. Can't say the same about Dell. You might be able to find a Win 7, but all retail models are Win 8. I happen to like Win 8, but, unless you get a touch screen machine, the Start screen interface may be frustrating.

Part II. I'm assuming you have a broadband modem that you plug directly into. If that's the case, your new machine will have an Ethernet port and you just plug the ethernet cable from the modem into it and you should be ready to go.

Hope this helps,

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