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hello Ralph!

I use a Cisco router with 2 computers. Let's call them Computer A and Computer B. Until now, the setup worked just fine, but now I can access the Internet on only one computer. When I try to access on the other one, I see a message:
"Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"

I'm fairly ignorant in this matter, so my language may not be the best.
A friend installed the router. In addition to the router, he also inserted a device, a Wireless N USB Adapter in the rear of Computer B. I assume that both the router and the adapter are needed to make it possible to have access to the Internet for both computers.
The bill that he gave me shows the expenses:
a-Linksys Wireless G Router
b- Corsair 1 GB DDr SDRAM
c-Netgear Wireless PC Card

From the modem, a black cable goes to the router, in the port labelled  "Internet"
From the router, a blue cable, in the port (one of 4 ports)labelled "Ethernet", goes to the rear of Computer A.
Do these connections look OK?

My question: What's wrong? Why can't I access the Web on both computers? Is the answer that I must replace the Router? or the Wireless Adapter? or both?
Or... are the cables installed incorrectly?
I look forward to your reply.



Hi Chris, and thanks for your question.

It sounds like Computer B has lost its wireless connection to your router.  Computer A seems to be hard-wired to the router, and it's working, so that makes sense.

The easiest thing to do would be to hard-wire Computer B to the router as well.  If B is in the same room as the router, get yourself another ethernet cable and try it.  Wired connections are generally faster and safer than wireless connections anyway, so this is a good way to go if possible.

If Computer B is not near the router, then you will have to troubleshoot the wireless connection.  Here's a comprehensive guide for this:

Good luck, and I hope this helps!


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