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My church consists of two parallel buildings about 60 feet apart. We have small office network in the east building. We want to build a radio studio in the west building, which needs a reliable internet connection.

What would be better? A wireless internet connection linking the west building to the existing network in the east building or a dedicated DSL connection in the west building? I'd prefer not paying for two DSL connections, but I would need a rock solid wireless connection linking these two networks. What equipment would you suggest would get this accomplished?


Hi Evan,

The buildings are REALLY close.  So if you locate a good wireless router in a window of the East building, facing the West building you should be ok.  I'd recommend a router that supports b/g/n not just b/g.  Something good like Netgear, Asus, Linksys, TP-Link.

N wireless is MUCH faster than b/g - get a router with 3 antennae.  It'll only run maybe $50-75 for a decent one.  You may also wish to consider MAYBE replacing the stock firmware (if needed) with a 3rd party like DD WRT, which supports a lot more functions for QoS and bandwidth monitoring.

When I get this stuff it's usually from or  I trust the reviews more - us technie types have been using that site for ages.  

I hope this helps!


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