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I asked another tech this question and he was unable to answer it.  I have an issue that has me stumped.  I set up all our computers on a network.  The all are on a specific group, they all have separate IP addresses and all they have network discovery turned on.  We have eight windows 7 and one windows xp on the network.  We have our main router coming in from the DSL line which branched off to two other switches which go to all the computers.  These were set up a few months ago and all the computers were showing up when I went to network icon and I was able to access them all.  I am still able to access them through shortcuts on my desktop.  The problem I am having on all the computers is when I click on network, they are not all showing up and only like one or two show up.  When I refresh the network, sometimes other computers show up and sometimes the same ones show up.  Iím at a loss.  Thanks for your time.

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your question.

Here is a tutorial that is a good starting point for troubleshooting Windows sharing problems:

If that doesn't fix it, go here:

then click "Show all" and try all of those tips.

This one is similar to the last, but may help:

Please follow up if you are still having the same problem after trying all these suggestions.

Good luck!


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