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QUESTION: Hi Norman,

  I want to purchase a wireless router for my home (medium). As there are many companies with wide range, I am a bit confused. I am presently using "Dlink dir 524" (old one), I hardly get a signal from 10 meters away.
  I checked on internet for range of models, I saw a model "D-Link DIR-600L Wireless N 150 Cloud Router", this is within my budget for home. But, I am apprehensive about the word "cloud" and the security concerns for browsing info, personal data etc., and also that this is a Taiwan/chinese company.

  What is the difference between "D'link Dir-600L" & "D'link Dir-600M". Which one is preferred?

  Can you throw some light on it and suggest me any other router (any company including Dlink) at the earliest, as wish to purchase immediately.


ANSWER: my suggestion is that if the router is working correctly then get a range extender...  but if you are intent on getting a router by it from your local electronics store and make sure you can return it even if opened... this way you can see what works for you...

concerning which is better 600l or 600m... thats outside my expertise...

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QUESTION: Hi Norman,

Thank You for early response.

May I ask for more clarification on Cloud Technology.
To my understanding, the cloud servers stores the user data (viz., personal data, all the browsing info etc ).
A Cloud Router allows us to control and easily monitor our network remotely, how is this possible unless it monitors & stores all such info in its cloud servers. This is my concern. How come a company (router) monitors my network activity, stores all such information in its servers without my consent just for providing cloud services for me(to control & monitor the router remotely by me).

I use router not only for internet browsing, I use internet for various things, for official work (that involves official logins & sensitive data) and personal too.

Please clarify if my concerns are valid, if so what should I do.

Thanking You

in the old days geeks like myself would connect our routers to a service like dydns, or vpn or some other kind of remote connection so we could see our routers  and or computers from anywhere in the world...

cloud is the catchword for making things visible from the internet... atleast these days... and when it relates to routers it usually goes through apps for android and ios...

now concerning security... if you have sensitive information on your computer... I would not go for anything cloud based... or if your router has that capability I would disable it...

if you are intent on using the cloud based stuff... try to encrypt your connection and use a password thats atleast 13 characters long...  

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