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QUESTION: Hello Jeff,

  I want to purchase a wireless router for my home (medium). As there are many companies with wide range, I am a bit confused. I am presently using "Dlink dir 524" (old one), I hardly get a signal from 10 meters away.
  I checked on internet for range of models, I saw a model "D-Link DIR-600L Wireless N 150 Cloud Router", this is within my budget for home. But, I am apprehensive about the word "cloud" and the security concerns for browsing info, personal data etc., and also that this is a Taiwan/chinese company.

  What is the difference between "D'link Dir-600L" & "D'link Dir-600M". Which one is preferred?

  Can you throw some light on it and suggest me any other router (any company including Dlink) at the earliest, as wish to purchase immediately.


ANSWER: Hi Sumazu,

First, I am not a fan of D-link.  The two times I tried them they let me down.  Never again. I have owned a lot of gear over the years.  I'm generally happy w/ netgear, Asus, Linksys (now Cisco, etc.  Tp-link was ok but didn't seem to really hold up over time.

At this point 802.11ac is the new standard and it would make sense to get one of those, even if your current gear is only N - it will eventually be ac and you will wish to take advantage of that.

But ... if N is all you feel you need and more in line with your budget, the router I currently own and am very happy with is a refurbished cisco linksys e1500:

Another good choice is:

Good luck!


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QUESTION: Hello Mr.Jeff,

Thank You for early response.

May I ask for more clarification on Cloud Technology.
To my understanding, the cloud servers stores the user data (viz., personal data, all the browsing info etc ).
A Cloud Router allows us to control and easily monitor our network remotely, how is this possible unless it monitors & stores all such info in its cloud servers. This is my concern. How come a company (router) monitors my network activity, stores all such information in its servers without my consent just for providing cloud services for me(to control & monitor the router remotely by me).

I use router not only for internet browsing, I use internet for various things, for official work (that involves official logins & sensitive data) and personal too.

Please clarify if my concerns are valid, if so what should I do.

Thanking You

Hi Sumazu,

Cloud is mostly a marketing term and most of the when it is used, it is inappropriate.  The technology has existed and been in use for MUCH longer than they would have you believe.

Anytime you are using any kind of application or service that is on the Internet instead of your local PC or home/office network, it is "cloud-based".  Most of the time that really isn't true.  Cloud is supposed to be much more than just "apps running in some data center on the Internet".  True cloud is highly distributed and high functionality.

The only TRUE cloud behavior I have ever observed in nearly 25 years is when I got a new phone a few months ago - and ALL my settings and apps from my old phone auto-magically installed from "the cloud".  That was awesome.

Dlink's "cloud router" stuff is NOT CLOUD.  Not at all.  It's merely the ability to get alerts or manage your router while you are away.  That is no big deal at all.  Most routers have allowed that for years and they don't call it cloud.

FYI - mydlink™ "Cloud Services" include:
 - Seeing what devices are connecting to your network
 - Viewing web browsing history in real time
 - Blocking of unwanted device connections
 - Set up of up automatic email alerts
 - Upgrades to your router when new features are available

The last bit is a HORRIBLE IDEA.  You would NEVER want to remotely upgrade a home router - EVER.
The browsing history ... I would never want that sent from my router to some company somewhere.  It'll eventually be hacked ... count on it.

Look - All I want a router to do is to provide a Reliable and Fast connection to the Internet, with an "ok" firewall.  That's it.  And I would never trust Dlink a 3rd time.

You have every right to be suspicious.  Keep your data at home where it belongs and make your own backups.

Good luck!


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