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Hi mate! I have a bit of an issue with regard to loopback. I'm not terribly technical when it comes to this information, however the problem I have is I have a mail/web server on my internal network. Its a Synology NAS and works extremely well. It's internal IP address is The issue I have is that when my phones/tables are looking for the mail server, they will not resolve. Externally it all works perfectly. It's all works fine internally when I use Previously the routers I have used have featured NAT or WAN loopback options, once selected the nameserver would resolve itself. This router doesn't have that option. I am wondering if it's possible to add some kind of static route in order to make this work correctly?

Hi Mark, and thanks for your question.

You don't indicate what kind of phones/tables you are working with, but I'll assume either iOS or Android devices. In either case, there is a file analogous to the "hosts" or "hosts.txt" file on a PC. You need to edit it so that an entry is made that looks something like:

There are a couple of options for iOS devices in this article. The easiest involves "jailbreaking" the device, but there are workarounds if that is not something you want to do:

For android, there's an app for that!

This app lets you edit the hosts file.

Good luck, and I hope this helps,


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